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Uniden TRU9488-3 5.8 GHz Expandable Corded Cordless Combination System
Uniden TRU9488-3 5.8 GHz Expandable Corded Cordless Combination System
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Uniden TRU9488-3 5.8 GHz Expandable Corded Cordless Combination System with Digital Answering System, Dual Keypad, and Call Waiting/Caller ID w 3 Cordless Handsets Chargers
Model: TRU9488-3 R

Condition: Reconditioned
The Uniden TRU9488-3 5.8GHz, corded cordless phone combo, with 3 handsets, carries several convenient features. Caller ID call waiting compatible, the handset's 100-number phonebook memory keeps track of all your important contacts. A 10-number speed dial makes chatting with your most frequently dialed contacts quick and easy.

The digital answering system is equipped with 14 minutes of recording space and with the remote message check you can access your voicemail when away from home. In DirectLink Mode handsets turn into 2-way radios and or a room baby monitoring system. Additional features include adjustable ringer volume control, message waiting indicator, do not disturb and page function.

TRU9488-3 Features:

* 5.8GHz Corded Cordless Phone Combo

* Single Line Operation

* Caller ID Call Waiting

* Call Waiting Deluxe

* Expandable Up To 10 Handsets

* 12 Minute Digital Answering System

- Time and Day Stamp
- Remote Access
- Memo Recording
- Toll Saver Rings Adjust When You Have Messages

* Dual Duplex Speakerphone Base & Handset

* DirectLink™ Mode
Allows 2-Way Radio Communication Between Handsets Even Without Base

* Dual LCD Display Base & Handset

* Dual Keypad

* 100 Station Phone Directory Dialer

* Up To 4-Way Conferencing

* 10 Station Speed Dial on Base

* Message Waiting Indicator

* 20 Selectable Ringtones

* Adjustable Ringer Volume Control

* Intercom Call Transfer

* Handset Locator Paging

* Room Baby Monitoring

* Personalized Ringers

* Ringer Off Option

* Alphabetical Search

* Redial

* Hold

* Mute

* Do Not Disturb

* Banner Display
Name Each Handset

* Clock Display

* Low Battery Indicator

* 2.5mm Headset Jack

* Belt Clip - Included w Brand New Models

* Trilingual Menu Support English Spanish French
Weight: 10 lb